Primary Skills(Seafood context)-Level 2

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Who should attend

It is targeted at those currently working in commercial fishing (both Sea and Land based) or at a seafood processing operation working on processing and packing lines

About this programme

The purpose of this qualification is to enable the recognition of the entry level skills and knowledge required by the Seafood primary industry sector, and to provide a training pathway for entry into careers in the Commercial Fishing and Seafood processing primary industry contexts.

Career Opportunities

  • Other more specific seafood industry roles
  • Supervisory Roles


All applicants are required to be employed AND in a role that allows them to complete programme specific outcomes

Qualification Gained

New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Skills (Seafood context) (Level 2)

Training Progression

This programme can lead into New Zealand Certificates in Seafood Processing or Commercial Fishing (Level 3)

What you will learn

Graduates will be able to: 

  • Carry out practical tasks associated with an entry level role in a Seafood primary industry context.
  • Use safe work practices in a Seafood primary industry context.

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