SUCCEED Programme – Level 2

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Typically, this programme is delivered in-house, in a combination of small classroom sessions (delivered in timeframes to suit the business) along with some on job workplace projects to be completed between sessions.

Delivered over 6 modules, learners will gain the skills to undertake a workplace project using problem solving tools, delivering the outcomes as a presentation. It will develop and/or recognize communication competencies for staff that attend. 

About this programme

The purpose of this qualification is to provide and assist people engaging or re-engaging with learning who have the basic capabilities needed to pursue employment pathways but require further development to confidently use them to succeed in those pathways.

It recognises the importance of applying core capabilities such as confidence, basic knowledge and skills, and literacy and numeracy, in a range of familiar contexts.

What you will learn

Graduates will be able to: 

  • search, comprehend, use and communicate information from a variety of texts and digital media relevant to the context
  • apply basic knowledge, including literacy and numeracy skills, to solve problems relevant to the context
  • reflect on experiences with a range of people, cultures, and communities
  • work collaboratively and effectively in a team or group to achieve a task or outcome
  • develop and reflect on relevant learning and career goals.

Qualification Gained

New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills (Level 2) – RMGs SUCCEED programme

Who should attend

It is targeted at those currently working in a general manufacturing, distribution or general food processing operations including the dairy, meat, seafood and commercial fishing sectors.

Training Progression

This programme leads into any of the other Level 2 and Level 3 New Zealand Certificates that RMG provide and may lead into the NZ Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership) (Level 3) and (First Line Management) (Level 4)


All applicants are required to be employed AND in a role that allows them to complete programme specific outcomes

Career Opportunities

  • Other more specific roles within any sectors
  • Team Leader /Supervisory Roles

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