Safe Behavioural Observations

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This course will provide you with the opportunity to develop your knowledge around safe behaviour observations, and is arranged to allow time for you to practice conducting these observations 

This course involves interactive learning and the opportunity to practice the new skills. This course is available NZ wide at one of our specific training venues or can be run at your own site or workplace.

Course Outline

About this programme

What is behavioural observation and intervention?

Is a safety initiative that employers can use. It aims to promote safe work practices and instil a sense of safety ownership in all employees on a worksite.

What can behavioural observation and intervention do?

Its aim is to reduce the incidence of at-risk work behaviours, resulting in fewer workplace health & safety incidents and injuries, lower operating costs, greater productivity and improved workplace health & safety performance.

What you will learn

At the end of this training participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of safe behaviour observations
  • Plan and Prepare for an observation
  • Conduct a safe behaviour observation in a workplace
  • Complete safe behaviour observation reports and recommend remedial action

Who should attend

Who is behavioural observation and intervention for?

It is for all companies, who are keen to explore a behavioural approach to improving workplace health and safety performance.

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