Health & Safety Representative – (Continuing Ed) – Stage 3

This course can be run on demand across the country or delivered on premises at your workplace

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This programme if completed under a funding arrangement has a 12 month duration before NZQA certification can be awarded

Course Outline


What you will learn


  • Understanding the health and safety incident investigation process, including legislative requirements for investigation & reporting
  • The concepts of multiple causation and root cause analysis
  • Detail an incident process (practice)
  • Produce an incident investigation report 


  • Understanding the management of drug and alcohol related problems in the workplace
  • Understanding of the prevention and management of Discomfort, Pain and Injury (DPI) in the workplace 


  • Sleep and sleep management in relation to work performance

About this programme

This training short course has been designed for Health & Safety representatives, coordinators, managers and other H & S professionals to be used as  a continuing education or upskilling event or just to bring  your previous knowledge up to date with regard to the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and the important changes within the legislation

Qualification Gained

On successful completion of this course learners will be credited with four unit standards,

  • 17601 (Level 4 Credits 6)
  • 22316 (Level 3 Credits 4)
  • 17591 (Level 3 Credits 8)
  • 21337(Level 3 Credits 2)

Learners who have also previously completed Stage 2 can now be awarded the NZ Certificate in Workplace Health & Safety Practice  – Level 3


It is recommended that participants attend HSR - Stage 2

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