Receiving Commercial Fish (LFR) – Level 3

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This course can be run on demand across the country or delivered on premises at your workplace for 4 or more enrolments

Course Outline

About this programme

The course is designed to provide a basic and contextualised introduction to the Fisheries Act principles for a Licenced Fish Receiver, and the key documentation practices. Emphasis is placed on the practical application by considering the importance of accurate LFR documentation to your business.

Who should attend

The Licenced Fish Receivers course is suitable for all learners keen to develop an understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a Licenced Fish Receiver when unloading, selling or transferring seafood. The course is particularly suited

What you will learn

The Licenced Fish Receivers course covers the following Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of naming systems to identify seafood species
  • Basic understanding of the Quota Management System and a seafood industry workers responsibilities
  • Understanding of obligations with LFR documentation
  • How to complete unloading documentation
  • How to produce transfer and sale documentation

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