Our People

We encourage our people to express themselves, be creative, challenge boundaries & be innovative.

We are successful because our people understand organisational & individuals needs. Diversity is something we take pride in, our people are a mix of races, gender, nationalities & backgrounds. Above all we value our people – they are the key to our success.

We have created an environment that empowers our people to make decisions, that enable new ways to work & deliver excellence. We foster an open, collaborative culture that enables our people to be supported in their own personal growth.

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Peter Archer

Managing Director

His unique skills are continually used by corporates both in NZ and overseas as his working life began in the NZ Police

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Mike Bush

Board Chairman

During his Policing career he served many years as an investigating Detective, Diplomat based in South East Asia and as an operational and strategic leader.

Rebecca Macpherson - Director

Rebecca MacPherson


Rebecca was appointed Clinical Nurse Specialist at Sydney Childrens Hospital with a focus on Education and Management.

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Kay Petropoulos

General Manager

Kay had numerous years’ experience in the logistics and supply chain industry, working as part of the Management Team.

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Sarah Wells

Training Manager

With over two decades of experience in industry training and education, Sarah especially enjoys the challenge of creating fit for purpose materials

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Richard White

South Island Manager (Trainer)

Richard undertook significant time on staff training in the areas of drug awareness and gang culture.

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Guy Phillips

Food Processing (Meat) Specialist (Trainer)

Guys passion for training got him involved with industry training and he spent 6 years as a key account manager for dairy processing within an ITO.

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Chris Petropoulos

Health & Safety Specialist (Trainer)

Chris has drive and commitment to improve health and safety has seen him achieve IGC NEBOSH. Chris travels both the North and South Island delivering workplace training

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Ron Van Dillen

Consultant (Security specialist) (Trainer)

Ron has a long history of projects in risk prevention, security, compliance and health and safety.

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Lyn Nikoloff

L&N Programme Manager

Lyn is an award-winning trainer, winning the Skills Highway Champion Trainer Award 2018.

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Paul Vlaanderen


28 years in the New Zealand Police as a Detective and finishing career as Inspector and Area Commander.

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Jeremy Archer

LGBTIQ Policy Consultant

Jeremy is a multi-award winning inclusion and diversity advocate with extensive experience in LGBTIQ policy, governance, mentorship, peer support

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Natalie Davis


Natalie graduated from Writtle Agricultural College in the UK with an HND in Agriculture specialising in Equine.

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