Newly approved Micro-Credential for Pet food
Ante Mortem Examiners

What Are Micro Credentials?
Micro credentials are a formal qualification that enables learners to access specific knowledge and skills quickly and cheaply.

Micro credentials are aimed at people who want to:
• Upskill or learn a specific skill
• Develop specialised skills that employers are looking for
• Get credit for skills they have already developed on the job

This new micro credential – Follow good practices in Animal Welfare to complete Ante-mortem examinations (Pet food) was developed in to support and meet the needs of the NZ Petfood Industry and its primary processors

The New Zealand education and training system will enjoy added value thanks to the introduction of micro-credentials such as this. This includes:
• Recognising small discrete pieces of learning
• Encouraging portfolio-based approaches to education and training
• Credentialing existing knowledge and skills

Company’s and Learners can visit the official NZQA register that lists all approved micro-credentials.

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