Incident Response and Crisis Management

The right response.
The best protection.

When an accident happens, you need to get the response right, immediately. Your reputation and your liability risk depend on it.

In the aftermath of an accident, too many companies needlessly make what they consider are ‘responsible admissions’, simply because the accident happened. This can result in charges against your company, exposing the directors. This need not occur.

Your company has rights, and regulators have high thresholds to pass to take action against you and your company.

RMG work with Barristers who know about thresholds and investigatory powers, and are experienced at dealing with incidents, conflict disputes and achieving desired outcomes.

RMG are New Zealand’s leading independent investigators. They know about investigating, reporting on the facts and root causes, controlling and investigation, dealing with witnesses and managing defence.

Risk management group and their consultants work as a team
to identify the root causes but also aggressively protect your
company, directors and managers from criminal charges.
They are the best call you can make after and incident.

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