Adult Literacy & Numeracy

Providing L&N to Industry

RMG is now an approved provider of L&N to industry and has completed a number of successful programmes across New Zealand. We now have five staff with NCALE who are trained to deliver L&N and a dedicated L&N Programme Manager who develops client specific programmes and manages programme delivery.

RMG will develop, manage and deliver your organisation’s TEC funded Employer-led Workplace L&N training programme to ensure that your staff work safer and smarter. 

L&N Training Pathway

RMG provides training pathways for all your staff through seamless H&S and food related processes and procedures training solutions from NZQA level 1 to 4.   
For some staff their training pathway commences with embedded L&N programmes that bridge the communication skills gap between the workplace demands and the learner’s skill level.  We have L&N experts who will work with you to tailor a solution that meets the needs of your organisation and your staff. 

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