Our Values

We treat all people with decency and respect. We act with honesty and integrity. We perform with passion & commitment.

We empower & inspire by raising our clients values and expectations of themselves, colleagues and their business.


We remove barriers and facilitate free and easy access to our services but ensure we are operating within our corporate, legislative obligations and social connivance. We are also sensitive to protect individual and corporate needs.

Mana Enhancing

Our aim is that RMG is known for growing great people.  We acknowledge that there is more to someone than what we see, and we choose to leave them in a better position after we have delivered our service. At the heart of this kaupapa is people, caring for their spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual dimensions of that person is essential.


We operate our business with a mindset that strives to eliminate waste while developing our product and processes while maintaining the awareness of our customer’s needs and expectations but without compromising our social responsibilities.


We encourage our people to be innovated.  New ideas lead to effective business practises, improved services, speedy delivery and viable options.


We create a culture of high trust, that nurtures collaboration and creativity, encouraging our people to be innovative that embeds a high level of responsibility. This environment contributes to a sense of belonging to our team, as a result we maintain high level of employment retention and performance.
Our consumers and partners have confidence and trust the way we deliver our services.


We embed a practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic while we carry-out our business.  We encourage our people to contribute which creates a sense of belonging and part of our whaanau

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