Food or Beverage – (Processing) – Level 3

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This programme is delivered in your workplace as arranged with client – providing maximum flexibility and minimal disruption

Course Outline

Qualification Gained

New Zealand Certificate in Food or Beverage Processing (Level 3)

What you will learn

Graduates will be able to: 

  • Assess and manage occupational health, safety, and hygiene risks specific to their role in a food or beverage workplace
  • Comply with quality procedures in a food or beverage processing operation
  • Process food or beverage raw materials or products to meet organisational requirements

Training Progression

Graduates of this programme can progress into the NZ Certificates in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership) (Level 3) / (First Line Management) (Level 4)

Career Opportunities

  • Other more specific food or beverage processing sectors
  • Plant or operations supervisory roles

About this programme

The purpose of this qualification is to provide the food or beverage processing industry with people who have the skills and knowledge to work in production roles, under limited supervision.

Graduates will have the technical skills and knowledge required to work within quality systems in food or beverage processing, and for the safe, efficient operation plant and equipment used in food or beverage processing operations. r limited supervision.


All applicants are required to be employed AND in a role that allows them to complete programme specific outcomes

Who should attend

It is targeted at those currently working in a general food processing operation working on production or processing lines.

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